Children's Martial Arts

Preparing your child to face an ever changing world.

Our goal is to bring out the BEST in your child. Our specialized programs are designed to allow your child to develop long-lasting skills at their own pace while being encouraged along the way.

We have several programs that are intended motivate your child towards progression. From our entry level membership, Junior Achievers, which introduces the student to Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts, to our Master Club program that challenges students to Black Belt and Beyond. We empower our students daily with goal setting and recognizing hard work.

Our Programs are more than Kicking and Punching, more than trophies and competitions, we strive to make better people through training, compassion and building a strong community.

Children will discover:

  • Self-discipline
  • Respect for self and others
  • Conflict management skills
  • Better concentration and focus at home and at school
  • Increased focus, concentration and attention
  • Improved confidence and self esteem through achievement recognition
  • Great energy outlet
  • Better balance and coordination
  • New friends!

Jiki Shin Kore Dojo  – Everywhere is the dojo when the mind is right.

One of our main goals is to transition on the mat training into our students everyday life. Through the use of  discipline stripes, we encourage the student work towards their personal best. White and Yellow belts will have three discipline stripes that must be earned to advance to the next belt.  Discipline stripes are designed to see the connection between on and off the mat progression.

Flexible schedules

When you join the dojo your membership is flexible. If you wan to attend every class you can, if you can train Monday and Wednesday this week but Tuesday and Thursday next week not a problem. Simply sign up for the classes you are interested in through our booking system to reserve your spot.


We offer a no sweat introductory course. A week long trial with no long-term contracts so we can get to know you and your goals.

  • 1 Private class (if no experience) to introduce the basics (cover the new regulations and procedures)
  • 1 Shadowed class (more if needed) with a senior grade student to ensure confidence in the regular group participation
  • 1 week of UNLIMITED Classes in the chosen program
  • 1 Complete Uniform and Belt presentation

Fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information and set up a time that works to come and try our program.

Please note that this program is for children 6+ years old. Check out our Little Champion program for younger students.