Little Champions Program



The Little Champions program will see children working their way through the ranks with a goal of preparing the student for the transition into our Junior Achievers program when they are between 6 and 7 years old.

The program runs on a five week teaching cycle and with regular attendance (once or twice per week), during week 4 of the rotation, students will receive a homework sheet (“To Do List”), to be completed at home.


In week 5 of the rotation, when the Little Champion comes in for class, the completed sheet is to be handed in at the desk. The child will then be promoted to the stripe indicated in the “To be promoted to” field on the homework sheet.

After a Little Champion receives their 5th stripe, the homework handed out during week 4 of the next rotation will indicate that the student is “To be promoted to” a specific belt colour. When this homework is handed in at the desk, the desk staff will put a red stripe on the students belt before class. This stripe will alert the instructors that the student is to be monitored in class as to whether they are exhibiting that belts attribute (listed below). If they are, they will be promoted to their belt. Otherwise, they will be monitored the next time that they are on the mat.


Belt Attributes


Yellow Belt – Respect


Orange Belt – Listening


Green Belt – Focus


Blue Belt – Attitude


Purple Belt – Teamwork


Brown Belt – Homework


**Brown belt – Homework (*We will watch for all 5 previous attributes. If a student demonstrates all of the previous attributes, we are presuming that the student has been working on the skills outside of the dojo)





Little Champions Attendance Card

Students are required to hand the attendance card to the instructor/advanced belt as they go on to the mat. The cards are located in the Little Champions card box at the front desk and filed by the students last name. If a student can’t find their card, they should alert the front desk so that they are attended for that day.

How does a Little Champion move up to Junior Achievers?

Children don’t automatically move up when they turn 6. At 6 years old, we will look at a couple of factors before inviting a student to move up. A students size, maturity and focus are the main areas that we take into consideration when inviting them to try the Junior Achievers program. Our decision is based on the safety of all of our students and that they receive the full benefit of our programs.

Homework sheets can be downloaded here.

Stripes will be awarded when they are handed in DURING STRIPE WEEK ONLY.