Junior Achievers

The Junior Achievers  program (6 to 12 years old) will see students through their white and yellow belts. Once promoted to orange belt, students continuing in Jiu Jitsu, will reaffirm their commitment by joining the Black Belt Champions program.

The Junior Achievers curriculum is divided into 3 modules per belt, represented by 3 curriculum stripes (black). In addition to the 3 curriculum stripes, students will need to attain 3 “Discipline” stripes (green) and finally a “red tip”, before being invited to test for their next belt.

The Teaching Rotation

Each module is taught over a 5 week rotation. Students need to attend a minimum of 8 classes within that rotation. Classes do not carry over to the next module.

Attendance Cards

Junior Achievers

Students are required to hand the attendance card to the instructor/advanced belt as they go on to the mat. The cards are located in the Junior Achievers card box at the front desk and filed by the student’s last name. If a student can’t find their card, they should alert the front desk so that they are attended for that day.

Discipline Stripes

Discipline stripes (green stripes) represent black belt qualities being demonstrated outside of the dojo. Students are required to earn 3 discipline stripes at each belt level. To earn discipline stripes, a student must complete assignments as outlined on the Discipline Stripe form.

Discipline stripes should be earned within two weeks of a promotion (ie. stripe 1, 2 weeks after white belt promotion; stripe 2, 2 weeks after curriculum stripe #1; and stripe 3, 2 weeks after curriculum stripe #2)

Curriculum Stripes

Students who have attended 8 classes or more, within the 5 week rotation, will automatically be promoted during week 4 or 5.

Students receiving their second discipline stripe will receive an e-mail with “homework” to be completed and handed in. Students will have approximately 5 weeks to work on this homework which is to be handed in once they receive their third curriculum stripe. The homework outlines all of the material that a student will be tested on in order to move up to their next belt. Handing in the homework, fully checked off, indicates that the student feels ready to test!

Red Tip

Students who have handed in their homework after receiving their third curriculum stripe, will receive a red tip, indicating that the student is ready to test. The student will also receive an invitation to test indicating the date and time that the test will take place.


  • Module 1 (5 weeks)
    • Promoted to white belt
    • Submit “Discipline Stripe” form for stripe 1 within two weeks of white belt promotion
    • Receive 1st curriculum stripe during week 4 or 5 (if attended 8 classes)
  • Module 2 (5 weeks)
    • Submit “Discipline Stripe” form for stripe 2 during week 1 or 2
    • Receive 2nd curriculum stripe during week 4 or 5 (if attended 8 classes)
    • Look for e-mail with homework outlining the belt test requirements
  • Module 3 (5 weeks)
    • Submit “Discipline Stripe” form for stripe 3 during week 1 or 2
    • Receive 3rd curriculum stripe during week 4 or 5 (if attended 8 classes)
    • Hand in completed homework and receive red tip and invitation to test
  • Last day of week 5 (Saturday)
    • Belt test and promotion to yellow belt

*Above timeline will be repeated from yellow belt to orange belt