Welcome to Manotick Martial Arts

Our goals are simple. To offer our clients quality martial arts instruction in a fun, safe and dynamic class structure.  We are always trying to improve and grow, whether it is in our classes as students and instructors or as a community working on various charity projects. Our dedicated staff is here to help you reach your goals.  We want to build a strong dojo community where your classes are the best part of your day!

Children's programs

Our specialized programs for children develop long lasting skills.

Adult Programs

Get Fit, Gain Confidence, Have A Blast!

MMAFit Cardio

Get fit without getting hit!

Pre Martial Arts

Our Little Champions program (4-6 years old) develops skills and coordination.



Finally, thank you for all you do. You have a great team and program and we are grateful to have found this program for our son - it's so much more than just classes. It permeates many aspects of our whole family's day to day life in a positive way.

The Afifi Family

العزيمة.. الشغف.. الإتقان.. التحدي هو ما تجدونه في نادي مانوتيك للفنون القتالية

Determination.. passion.. competency and competition Is all guaranteed at Manotick Martial Arts