Mixed Martial Arts + Kickboxing + Plyometrics + Agility training all in ONE CLASS!

Fat burning, full body, cardio bootcamp. Get fit without getting hit!

This is not your average gym routine, it’s time to kick it up! For any fitness level, this program is designed to improve your cardio, strength and endurance.  Action packed, fast paced, non-contact, stress relieving, high-energy fun.Studies have shown that cardio and conditioning have lasting health benefits: bone density, improved memory function, strength and heart, benefits, to name a few!

Striking on hand pads and shields improves hand eye coordination and timing, ab workouts to get rid of the COVID body curse!. Endorphins will flow and relieve some much needed stress.  Our classes are taught in a fun and friendly atmosphere where the end goal is not competition but improving ourselves everyday.



We offer a no sweat introductory course. A week long trial with no long-term contracts so we can get to know you and your goals.

  • 1 Private class (if no experience) to introduce the basics (cover the new regulations and procedures)
  • 1 Shadowed class (more if needed) with a senior grade student to ensure confidence in the regular group participation
  • 1 week of UNLIMITED Classes in the chosen program

Fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information and set up a time that works to come and try our program.